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leopoldetbonaparte asked:
Oh this is the most beautiful blog I have ever seen. I am so glad I stumbled upon it, thank you for making my night!

Oh how very sweet of you! Thank you so much, I’m glad I could entertain!

<3 tea


In 1840 Anne, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, started requesting tea, bread and cake at 4 in the afternoon to stave off hunger until dinner and soon after afternoon tea became a much-loved, quintessentially British tradition.

National Afternoon Tea Week celebrates this great heritage with a week of activities, themed menus and offers in hotels, restaurants and tearooms across the UK in August.

For you, N.M. Of course your birthday must fall in the most beautiful week of the year. I hope you had a wonderful day.
- P.L.

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Tea and chocolate (by rosy outlook photography)
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Blossom tea (by ingwervanille)
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teatime (by PhotoJenique)
It´s teatime! (by ingwervanille)
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teaconjurer asked:
Your blog came up as recommended on the sidebar and I did a double take because you're using one of my photos as your icon! :) Your tumblr is lovely -- keep it up!

Good to know where the photo came from! Checking out your flickr now, and your photos are gorgeous!

024 (by Fearless Zombie)
Queen Mary Teacup (by Aibohphobia)